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Great book! Very detailed information on skin properties, healing, nutrition for the skin (orally and topical) among other info. A must have for all needling technicians. Highly recommended.

- 7, Book

Extremely comprehensive overview of Dermal Needling with concise comprehensive descriptions of the different needling applications available in the marketplace. Easy to read.

- 6, Book

If you truly want to understand the science behind skin needling this book was worth the investment for me. There is a lot of detailed important information that I believe is important to know prior to just beginning skin needling. Without this book I would have made many mistakes that would have impaired what skin needling is supposed to do.

- 5, Book

I love the book. It is amazing! It has so much information in it. This book has given me what I need to give the best dermal rolling treatment that I can. Dr. Setterfield teaches you so much science behind the skin and how dermal needling is the best treatment out there.

- 4, Book

This book is essential reading for any practitioner of medical needling – it gives a detailed account of every aspect of this treatment from an objective standpoint (by this I mean it isn’t product specific and so not biased in its information), including pre- and post- care, and pitfalls that might occur. All the information is laid out in a very structured, easily understandable form so good for readers without a medical background, without being too simplistic. The graphics included are very good at assisting understanding of the concepts being discussed. In all, if you are practicing this procedure I would highly recommend purchasing this book.

- 3, Book

In depth, clear, a must for anyone interested in offering needling to clients — a real eye-opener. Lives up to its name “CONCISE”!!!!

- 2, Book

Thank you for doing such an important book on dermal needling. So many plastic surgeons are convinced it is too simple and therefore could not be viable. We need more people who understand the skin cells and true rejuvenation.

- 1, Book

In my opinion, if anyone is considering adding needling to their practice, this needling class is an absolute must. If you think you know about needling, once you take this class you will realize that there is so much more you needed to learn. I came away with a greater understanding of how the skin works and what we must do to preserve the health of our clients’ skin. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to also purchase your book! Thank you, Dr. Setterfield, for taking the time to travel and to share your knowledge with the rest of us.

- Seattle, WA, Workshop

The class was wonderful and I feel much closer to being able to treat a client than I did before.

- Madrid, Workshop

I enjoyed your class in Las Vegas very much, and I’m reading your book from the front to the back and from the back to the front. I’m sorry I didn’t become a dermatologist in my younger years, so I would know more about skin. I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you…you opened up a new door for me to a wealth of knowledge that makes my job so much more interesting, and answers so many of my questions.

- Las Vegas, Workshop

I felt the information you provided was spot on and thoroughly enjoyed the class. The feedback you gave during the practical was invaluable and I especially appreciated the feedback on ergonomics during the treatment. I am ready to take on rolling the world after your class and my clients are lining up for the process to start.

- Moscow, Workshop

I think your seminar was wonderful. Yes, it was technical and advanced, but I understood every word. I guess it’s all relative to the people who attend and what their background is, right? I ENJOYED IT! You were terrific and I appreciated your sense of humor. Thank you for that!

- Las Vegas, NV, Workshop

You are a great presenter and have a wonderful way of using references to make the subject matter more accessible to us “non-doctors”, and definitely got me excited about rolling again!

- Calgary, AB, Workshop

I could’ve listened to you for another whole day!! I think the practical could be one whole day!! Lecture first day, practical the next. I LOVE medical stuff and thought your lecture was fabulous!! I wanted MORE!!! Thanks for a wonderful day!!!

- Las Vegas, NV, Workshop

I just wanted to say a really big thank you for today. I loved learning more about needling, especially as it is something I have done for some time now. To update my knowledge and learn new techniques has really further expanded my love of needling. It was a really exciting course to be part of and I can’t wait to get rolling tomorrow! Many thanks to you all for putting today together and to Dr Lance for all his wisdom!! Thanks again.

- Australia, Workshop

I wanted to convey a huge thank you to Dr. Setterfield for his class on rolling in Vegas. The information on wound healing and growth factors, and how to support skin rejuvenation via rolling and supportive therapies was outstanding and very forward thinking. I thank him for being so approachable and humble in his knowledge that will no doubt change the entire industry. If you haven’t taken one of his classes, I urge you to check for future possibilities.

- Vegas, Workshop

The online course should be mandatory before attendance of the live class, as everything made so much more sense to me. Some questions that I had originally were answered from your online course. By taking it first, it gave me an opportunity to think of some additional questions with more depth. Of all my education, and I have taken many, yours is at the top of the list. Thank you!

- Orlando, FL, Workshop

Thank you, Doc Setterfield, for an incredible day of moving forward with serious results whilst preserving skin’s structure. Sincerest appreciation & heartfelt gratitude.

- Wellington, New Zealand, Workshop

Dr Setterfield wrote what has become the industry bible on microneedling. He is a very personable instructor, and I promise you will never learn so much in such a short time. If you aren’t doing microneedling yet, you will be. Or your competitors will.

- Vancouver, WA, Workshop

I have just completed Unit 5 (of the Online Course) and have found the course very informative, and it also points out how much the esthetic schooling in Florida is lacking. I am very happy that I have signed up for the course, and am looking forward to the live course with you.

- Orlando, FL, Online Course

I hope you will get your training from Doctor Setterfield because it will save you from so many issues…you may find other training cheaper, but you will pay for it in other ways in the long run. It is well worth it and you will be ahead of your competition with his training.

- Texas, Online Course

I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to take Dr. Setterfield’s live class in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was such a well-received class, chock-full of information about the ingredients one must know for “after care” products which I believe plays an important role to the successful outcome of the service we provide to our clients. Dr. Setterfield is so passionate about Skin Needling that he wouldn’t hesitate to give you all his knowledge, if he could. Read his book first, take his online course, then come to his live class (in that order), then all will make better sense to you.

- North Carolina, Online Course

Please read Dr. Setterfield’s book, and even better, take his online class. Seriously, you will learn SO much from the online class – the how’s and why’s that MUST be learned before even attempting to do this treatment. This is not something you mess around with.

- California, Online Course