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The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling

The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling

5.00 out of 5


The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling by Dr. Lance Setterfield is the quintessential source for all things needling. Now in an Expanded Medical Edition, this textbook outlines the science behind microneedling and, most importantly, how to get results. Many are under the illusion that all that is needed is a needling device and a cream to obtain results. This simplistic approach accounts for many negative outcomes associated with microneedling, including the notion that “it doesn’t work”.

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Keys to Success:

  • Establishing underlying cause of diagnosis
  • Correct selection of needle length and product ingredients
  • Timing of treatments and home care protocols
  • Combining synergistic treatments

Do you know?:

  • How to connect the dots between product ingredients and skin conditions?
  • Whether or not your products are safe to use with needling?
  • Which ingredients to avoid and when?

Dr. Setterfield addresses these questions, as well as the nuances required for successful outcomes that the industry frequently overlooks.

In depth, clear, a must for anyone interested in offering needling to clients. A real eye-opener.

Without this book I would have made many mistakes that would have impaired what skin needling is supposed to do.

  1. Dawn Perosino
    5 out of 5


    Education is key to becoming confident and knowledgeable in the field of Needling. All too often practitioners assume. that all they need is a basic understanding of the device and they are qualified to do the procedures. Sadly, this has resulted in too many mishaps, with the patient on the receiving end of mediocrity and often damages. It comes as no surprise that the FDA is taking a hard stance on both scope of practice and needling devices. I often wonder how practitioners boldly forge ahead with basic knowledge and feel no sense of responsibility. What you will learn from this book and Dr Setterfield’s courses will most certainly put you in a different league, and give you invaluable tools and knowledge that no practitioner should be without.

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