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The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling – Third Medical Edition – Revised & Expanded

The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling – Third Medical Edition – Revised & Expanded


In years gone by, microneedling was thought to be safe and simplistic. The rapid increase in complications, however, has focused attention on the diversity and complexities of this effective treatment method. The Revised and Expanded Third Medical Edition addresses this head-on, providing a necessary and practical guide for “all things needling“, conducive to the needs of both the beginner and the experienced microneedling practitioner. Growing one’s business successfully requires true understanding of how “best” results are obtained, thus avoiding the “paint-by-numbers” protocols which inevitably lead to complications and possible litigation. How does one select the best tools, the proper products, the safest protocols, and the most appropriate patient?  Dr. Setterfield addresses these questions, as well as the many nuances for successful outcomes that the industry frequently overlooks.

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Link for Table of Contents: Dermal Needling – 3rd Edition

Keys to Success:

  • Selecting the appropriate patient
  • Establishing underlying cause of diagnosis
  • Selecting the appropriate patient – picking the “fights” you can win
  • Establishing underlying cause of diagnosis
  • Correct selection of device, needle length, and product ingredients
  • Timing of treatments and home care protocols
  • Combining synergistic treatments

Do you know?

  • Which conditions respond best to microneedling?
  • Which cells to target and why?
  • How to connect the dots between product ingredients and skin conditions?
  • Whether or not your products are safe to use with needling?
  • Which ingredients to avoid and when?
  • How to avoid complications and lawsuits?

Dr. Setterfield addresses these questions, as well as the nuances required for successful outcomes that the industry frequently overlooks.

Apart from all the edits and deletions from the second edition, here is what is new.

  1. Update on Microneedling Devices
    • How to Select a Motorized Devices
    • RF Combined with Microneedling
    • FDA reclassification as a Medical Device
  2. Dermal-Epidermal Junction the New Frontier
  3. Revisiting the Role of Inflammation in Aesthetic Medicine
    • Inflammation and Premature Aging Mechanisms
    • NEW ENDPOINT with Microneedling Treatments
  4. New Indications/Applications for Microneedling
  5. New Post-Microneedling Protocols
  6. Avoiding Failure
    • Appropriate Patient Selection – Picking the Fights You Can Win
    • Appropriate Product (ingredient) Selection
    • Appropriate Needle Length
    • Appropriate Frequency of Microneedling Treatments
    • Appropriate Needling Technique
    • Appropriate Combination Therapy
  7. Review of Complications with Microneedling
    • Cross Contamination
    • Allergic Reactions
    • Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
    • Scarring
    • Granulomas
    • Nerve Injuries
  8. Review of the PRP Story
    • What is PRP? 
    • What makes PRP such an exciting, attractive option?
    • Is PRP “FDA” approved? 
    • How does PRP work? 
    • How is PRP prepared and does it really matter? 
    • What is PRP’s history and what conditions can be treated? 
    • How effective is PRP? 
    • Are there any negatives or risks? 
    • What does the future hold?
  9. Review of the Paraben Story and the Link to Breast Cancer
  10. Choosing an HA Product
    • Why is Molecular Size Important?
    • Does the Half-Life of HA matter?
  11. The Future of Skin Care
    • Stem Cell Therapy = Cell-To-Cell Communication
  12. Scope of Practice
  13. Myth Busters and Frequently Asked Questions


In depth, clear, a must for anyone interested in offering needling to clients. A real eye-opener.

Without this book I would have made many mistakes that would have impaired what skin needling is supposed to do.

  1. Dr. Lance Setterfield


    Gitta Moolenschot

    A BIG THANK YOU! Your book is AWESOME! Every page of your book carries very valuable information. Your book should be mandatory reading prior to performing any dermarolling/needling/pen procedures. Packed full of validated hints and tips, this book provides amazing insight into finding the correct equipment and using the right techniques to deliver the best results – it is highly recommended. Thank you, Dr Setterfield, for your time and dedication in creating such a well researched and compiled resource – it is FABULOUS! THANK YOU!

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