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Microneedling Online Course

Dr L Setterfield

online needling course Course Content: 9 Units of Learning | Duration: 60 days of access | Price: $399 USD


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Course Description

This online microneedling course, combined with Dr Setterfield’s “The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling, Third Medical Edition – Revised & Expanded” (sold separately), offers up-to-date education on the science and practice of dermal needling that has evolved since the publication of Dr. Setterfield’s first edition in 2010. With nine units of learning, each student will be guided through new points of intervention for pigment treatment, new ingredients list for hyperpigmentation, new ingredients list for fibroblasts, and new post-needling protocols.

Each student is provided with:

  • Lecture material and instructional videos on needling technique using rollers and e-devices (pens and stamps).
  • Over 400 exam questions to test your knowledge and comprehension.
  • A certificate of completion.

Course requires approximately 8 hours to complete.


  • Eight years of clinical experience condensed into an 8+ hour course.
  • Three years of intense research to consolidate and distill relevant information into one resource.
  • Training on how to treat the patient in order to get a result (as opposed to simply switching on and using a device).
  • Generic application across all aspects of skin treatment (as opposed to product-aligned training).
  • With 60 days of access, you can work at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office and review the course as many times as needed.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Unit 1 – Back to Basics – Target Cells in Skin Rejuvenation – Product Ingredients to Include and Why
  • Unit 2 – Ingredients to Avoid
  • Unit 3 – The Role of Inflammation: Does the Adult vs. Embryo Wound Healing Model Hold the Key?
  • Unit 4 – How Does Needling Work? What Conditions Can Be Treated?
  • Unit 5 – Contra-indications and Special Precautions
  • Unit 6 – Treatment Selection, Needling Techniques, and Protocols
  • Unit 7 – Post-Needling Care & Side-Effects
  • Unit 8 – Case Studies
  • Unit 9 – Synergistic Treatment Modalities

Dermal Needling Guide

View course Introduction below for a unit-by-unit explanation of the course content