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Beyond “The Basics”

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In a world of information overload we are compelled to filter irrelevant information rapidly and make snap decisions. We rely on key words to convey concepts at a glance, but it is not always possible to impart the big picture in complex situations. Herein lies the problem with titles for my live classes which have evolved over the years, from teaching the basics about skin rejuvenation to more complex aspects of Microneedling and all things related. The volume of knowledge has exploded with advances in science to the point where it is no longer possible to present all that one needs to know in only one day. As a result, my live Microneedling course has now been divided in two. This process has created two issues that cause some misunderstanding:

• In providing titles for these courses, words tend to be an oversimplification of the content, or confer the idea that the course would not be within their scope. “Introduction” implies “basic”, yet this course material would be “intermediate”, or even “advanced”, when compared to other courses. Then, when people read “advanced”, those who only do cosmetic needling, or those who are not in the medical profession, do not think this class would be appropriate for them. They don’t realize that the training material can be applied to all their treatments. This entire course is actually more about getting results safely in skin rejuvenation. While Microneedling is the cornerstone of optimizing skin function, it is just one aspect in all things considered.

• A multitude of students have completed my courses over the years and it would be redundant for them to have to sit through the content presented on day 1, most of which formed the basis of class material in the earlier years.

Given that there is no standardization within Microneedling education at this time, it is impossible to know the foundational level of the knowledge students possess, hence the prerequisite of having attended my previous class or having completed my Online Course in order to attend the Clinical Application & Hands-On Class for Day 2. This ensures that the value of a live class is maximized to include question time devoted to specific practitioner needs, as opposed to answering general basic questions. It also enables me to stand behind the Certificate of Attendance which I issue to my students.

In summary, people should view this course as one entity presented over 2 days with an exemption of the first day applying to those who have completed this material previously.

29 Aug, 15

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