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The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling

Now in a Revised and Expanded 3rd Medical Edition, “The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling” answers the practitioners’ How’s, When’s, and Why’s.




Online Dermal Needling Course

Online Micro Needling Course
The ultimate resource for learning the foundational science of Dermal Needling, Dr. Setterfield’s intensive Online Course includes over 8 hours of instruction, videos, and study material, revealing the secrets to achieving the best results.

Course Content: 9 Units of Learning | Duration: 60 days of access

Price: $399


Profit from an Expert’s Wealth of Knowledge:

Microneedling is gaining popularity as a fundamental treatment modality in Aesthetic Medicine due to its safety profile in all skin types, as well as being affordable and effective. However, as with any treatment, there are risks involved (some severe), and while rare, it is important that the practitioner be aware of these in order to minimize adverse outcomes and provide relevant information to the patient to facilitate informed consent.

Pitfalls in Microneedling include:

  • • Lack of training – you should not learn by default (your fault)
  • • Inappropriate patient selection
  • • Inappropriate product selection (both active and inactive ingredients)
  • • Inappropriate device selection and treatment technique
  • • Inappropriate post-treatment care
  • • Failure to instruct the patient re the use of photosensitizers
  • • Inappropriate frequency of treatment
  • • Failure to stay within scope of practice

Keys to Success:

  • • Establishing underlying cause of diagnosis
  • • Correct selection of needle length and product ingredients
  • • Timing of treatments and home care protocols
  • • Combining synergistic treatments

Thank you, Doc Setterfield, for an incredible day of moving forward with serious results whilst preserving skin’s structure. Sincerest appreciation & heartfelt gratitude.

- Wellington, New Zealand, Workshop

I wanted to convey a huge thank you to Dr. Setterfield for his class on rolling in Vegas. The information on wound healing and growth factors, and how to support skin rejuvenation via rolling and supportive therapies was outstanding and very forward thinking. I thank him for being so approachable and humble in his knowledge that will no doubt change the entire industry. If you haven’t taken one of his classes, I urge you to check for future possibilities.

- Vegas, Workshop

Dr Setterfield wrote what has become the industry bible on microneedling. He is a very personable instructor, and I promise you will never learn so much in such a short time. If you aren’t doing microneedling yet, you will be. Or your competitors will.

- Vancouver, WA, Workshop

I hope you will get your training from Doctor Setterfield because it will save you from so many issues…you may find other training cheaper, but you will pay for it in other ways in the long run. It is well worth it and you will be ahead of your competition with his training.

- Texas, Online Course

In my opinion, if anyone is considering adding needling to their practice, this needling class is an absolute must. If you think you know about needling, once you take this class you will realize that there is so much more you needed to learn. I came away with a greater understanding of how the skin works and what we must do to preserve the health of our clients’ skin. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to also purchase your book! Thank you, Dr. Setterfield, for taking the time to travel and to share your knowledge with the rest of us.

- Seattle, WA, Workshop

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Microneedling Class & Beyond – More Than Just Operating The Device @ Queen Mary
Sep 23 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Microneedling Class & Beyond - More Than Just Operating The Device @ Queen Mary | Irvine | California | United States

Course: MICRONEEDLING THEORY CLASS– $599.00 USD         (Click to Purchase)

Early Bird Rate: $525.00 USD (until August 23rd, 2019).

Group Discount: Register with 5 or more people and receive $50 off per person. Registrations must be received at the same time, same day.  The group discount cannot be combined with any other discount offer. Please email to register and receive the group discount.

When: September 23rd, 2019.    9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Where: Queen Mary.  1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, CA, US, 90802

Who should attend? Medical professionals & non-medical staff performing/overseeing microneedling.

Workshop Goal:  To enable clinicians to attain the highest level of knowledge in microneedling treatments to maximize patient outcomes and safety.

Microneedling Class Outline:

General Microneedling Class Information – Morning Session:

  • Are my products safe and effective?
  • What device should I choose?
  • What determines my scope of practice? (It is not needle length!)
  • Should we provoke and sustain the inflammatory response?
  • How often and how many treatments?
  • How do I avoid complications?
  • How do I maximize results?

Morning Session: 9.00 am to 12.30 pm

Basic Skin Anatomy and Physiology (20 min)
How Needling Works:  Cell-to-cell Communication and Gene Regulation (30 min)
Skin Care Products – Active Ingredients to Include with Microneedling (20 min)
Skin Care Products – Inactive Ingredients to Avoid with Microneedling (20 min)

Coffee/Tea: 10.30 am to 10.45 am 

The Consultation Process as it Pertains to Microneedling – History, Exam, and Diagnosis (30 min)
Classification of Fitzpatrick Skin Typing
Timing or Frequency of Treatments and Why  (30 min)
Device selection – Pros and Cons of Rollers, Stamps, and Electrical Devices (30 min)
How to Combine Microneedling with Other Treatment Modalities to Maximize Results and Avoid Counterproductive Effects with, e.g. Fillers (15 min)

Lunch:  12.30 pm to 1.15 pm (NOT Included)

General Microneedling Class Information – Afternoon Session:

  • What conditions can I treat?  (Appropriate patient selection AND scope of practice.)
  • What should I include in my informed consent?
  • Complications?  What did I miss? What do I do now?
  • Post needling treatment protocols; Immediate and Beyond?

Afternoon Session: 1.15 pm to 5.00 pm

Scarring – Patient Selection, Contraindications, Side-effects, Complications & Treatment Plan (30 min).

Anti-Aging and Wrinkles – Patient Selection, Contraindications, Side-effects, Complications & Treatment Plan (30 min).

Hyperpigmentation – Patient Selection, Contraindications, Side-effects, Complications & Treatment Plan 30 min).

Coffee/Tea:  2.45 pm to 3.00 pm

Patient Assessment

Clinical Diagnostic Tools (60 min):

Woods Light
Other Tools

Differential Diagnosis
Correct “Treatment” Selection for the Patient
Review of Indications & Contraindications
Informed Consent
Skin Preparation

Patient Treatment (60 min):

  • Video Demo
  • Masks  (Time Permitting)
  • LED   (Time Permitting)
  • Topicals and Aftercare Protocols
  • PRP – Worth the added cost?  Does it work?
  • BB Glow – What are the risks?
  • What is HOCI?  Should this be combined with Microneedling?
  • What about Low Molecular Weight HA and Microneedling?
  • Post-Procedure Instructions
  • Q & A (60 min)


International Presenter:

Dr. Lance Setterfield MB.Ch.B. (Victoria, Canada)  Dr. Lance Setterfield, one of the world’s foremost Dermal Needling experts, is an educator, Microneedling skin treatment specialist & international speaker. Author of “Concise Guide to Dermal Needling, Expanded Medical Edition”, as well as creator of the Microneedling Online Course and live Microneedling Workshops, he draws from 34 yrs of medical experience with special interest in cell-to-cell communication, researching effects of dermal needling on the epidermis (cosmetic) & dermis (medical). Collaboration with companies around the world has enabled him to be on the forefront of this technology.

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